Skin & VD

Skin & VD



Dermatology department is established in October 2007 at the Government Medical College,latur. Dermatology department provides OPD services on all week days. It’s activities include OPD services, in patient services(IPD), dermatosurgeries  and laser treatments. Department is having 6 special clinics as well fellowship courses.                                      

                                                  LIST OF TEACHING STAFF

Sr no Name Designation Date of joining
1 Dr. Ajay  G Ovhal HOD & Professor. 26/9/2013
2 Dr. Ketki S Chavanda Assistant professor 20/11/2014
3 Dr. Geetanjali M Mathapati Senior resident 11/11/2014
4 Dr. Deepa N  Puri Junior resident 11/11/2014
5 Dr. Pratiksha  D Bobe Junior resident 14/9/2018
6 Dr. Kajal N  Chavan


Junior resident 15/9/2018
7 Dr. Jyoti  D Jadhav


Junior resident 6/10 /2018

                                                         SPECIAL CLINICS

Sr no. Day Name of Clinics
1 MONDAY Hair disorders
2 TUESDAY vitiligo
3 WEDNESDAY Contact dermatitis
4 THURSDAY psoriasis
5 FRIDAY Immunobullous disorders
6 SATURDAY Connective tissue disorders

In addition to routine patient care, the following facilities are available in the department


| Vitiligo surgery- punch graft, blister graft, epidermal cell suspention

| NBUVB and PUVA photo [chemo] therapy

| Nail surgeries

| Patch and photopatch test for detection of allergens in contact dermatitis and photocontact dermatitis

| Autologous serum skin test for diagnosis of urticaria

| Vaccines for leprosy and common warts

| Peelings for pigmentory disorders, and acne scars

| NdYag laser

| Biological therapies for psoriasis and pemphigus

Fellowship courses

Maharashtra university of health sciences, Nasik sanctiones fellowship courses in Skin and VD department, Govt medical college, Latur.

| Fellowship course in diagnostic dermatology

| Fellowship couse in trichology

Ongoing Research Activities :

| Efficacy Of Q switched Nd-Yag laser in treatment of Onychomycosis.

| Prevalence of Dermatophyte infection and identification Of their Species in A tertiary care hospital.

CME conducted

1. CME on Psoriasis, 28 th October 2012

2. CME on vitiligo, 25 th June 2015

3. CME on Effective ways of practice management, 26 March 2017

4. CME on Leprosy, 5th August  2018

Instruments in Skin Department

| Radiofrequency machine

| Phototherapy unit

| NdYag laser machine

| Instrument set for dermatosurgery

| Canon EOS digital DSLR camera

| Dermatoscope

| Computers with internet facility

| Peeling solution


| Podophylline


| 88% phenol

Special Procedures Performed

| Hair transplant in scarring alopecia

| Suction blister graft for vitiligo

| Hair mount

| KOH mount

| Fungal culture

SKIN & VD Department Publications

Dr. Ajay Ovhal

(Professor and H.O.D,  Dept of Skin & VD)

 Dr. Ketki Chavanda

(Asst Prof Dept Of Skin & VD )

Sr. No Title Name Of Journal Indexed/ Non indexed
1 Pseudoverrucous papules and nodules (PPN) in association with female epispadiasand bifid clitoris: a rare presentation European Journal Of Pediatric Dermatology2014;24,74-77″ Indexed
2 Late onset palmar angiokeratoma circumscriptum: An unusual presentation               


Indian Dermatology Online Journal 2014;vol5:issue3 ,320-322″     Indexed
3 Methotrexate Therapy in chronic idiopathic urticaria with negative  autologous serum skin test Medpulse International Journal of Medicine. October2018 Indexed
4 Comparison of clinical features with positive and negative autologous serum skin test in chronic idiopathic urticaria Medpulse International Journal of Medicine. October2018 Indexed
5 Comparison of urticaria activity score over 8 weeks in chronic idiopathic urticaria after methotraxate treatment Medpulse International Journal of Medicine. October2018 Indexed

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