Sr. No. Name Designation Joining date
1. Dr. Jaju  J. B. Professor & Head of the Department 06/06/2015
2. Dr. Dharmadhikari S.C. Associate Professor 07/06/2015
3. Dr. Deshmukh V.S. Associate Professor 20/06/2015
4. Dr. Pawar G. R. Assistant Professor 04/06/2011
5. Dr. Parekar S.M. Assistant Professor 20/06/2016
6. Dr. Sonawane D.R. Assistant Professor 03/08/2018


Sr. No. Name Designation Joining date
1. Dr. Jadhav Nishigandha Junior Resident III 30/05/2016
2. Dr. Gawali Sagar Junior Resident III 30/05/2016
3. Dr. Patil Rushikesh Junior Resident II 31/05/2017
4. Dr. Ankushe Rohini Junior Resident I 10/05/2018
5. Dr. Kulkarni Vivek Junior Resident I 16/05/2018



A two storey separate building of the department has following facilities.

1) Laboratory: Three spacious and well equipped laboratories are available for experimental and clinical pharmacology experiments which serve the purpose of undergraduate and Post graduate students.


  1. Analgesiometer (Eddy’s Hot Plate)
  2. Analytical Balance (Single Pan )
  3. Assembly Perfusion For Mammalian Heart
  4. Analgesiometer
  5. Actophotometer
  6. Automatic Electric Recording Drum
  7. Colorimeter Digital Photo
  8. Centrifuge
  9. Chemical Balance
  10. Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus.
  11. Dessicator Vaccum
  12. Disintegration Test Apparatus
  13. Single Basket
  14. Disintegration Test Apparatus Double Basket
  15. Disstolation Apparatus Steel Type
  16. Dispensing Balance With Weight Box
  17. Dog Operation Table
  18. Electroconvulsiometer
  19. Electric Steriliser
  20. Electronic Balance
  21. Flame Photometer Digital
  22. Histamine Chamber With Nebuliser Dial
  23. Hair Asthesiometer
  24. Incubator 18*18*18
  25. Incubator Bacteriological
  26. Metronome
  27. Metabolic Cage
  28. Ph Meter (Digital)
  29. Physical Balance
  30. Professor Inchley’s Dropper Recorder
  31. Research Stimulator
  32. Recording Drum
  33. Rota Rod
  34. Refrigerated Centrifuge
  35. Research Kymograph
  36. Regulated Power Supply For Electrophoresis Apparatus
  37. Sphygmomanometer (B.P. Appa.) Mercurial
  38. Sphygmomanometer (B.P. Appa.) Stand Model
  39. Student Organ Bath
  40. Spectrophotometer
  41. Single Unit Organ Bath
  42. Vortex Mixture
  43. Water Bath Digital Ss
  44. Digital Plethysmometer
  45. Wound Healing Instrument Set
  46. Digital Single Unit Organ Bath
  47. Digital verneir caliper

2) Museum: State of the art museum with collection of historical and scientific information in forms of charts and posters (38), moulds/specimens (20), drug samples (759) giving easily conceptual knowledge  in Pharmacology.

3) Demonstration room: Well ventilated, spacious rooms can accommodate 80 students at a time for audio-visual presentation with the help of Laptops and LCD projectors and also provide platform for interactive study.

4) Seminar room: Postgraduate activities like Seminars and Journal clubs are conducted in AV equipped Seminar room weekly.

5)Departmental library: Departmental library houses recent edition of Pharmacology books from national and international authors for easy references, subscriptions for national and international journals related to pharmacology are also kept in the library for cross referencing while doing research activities. Library also contains relevant books (170) of Medicine, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Psm used as references by students as well as staff.

6)Animal house: CPCSEA accredited AC Animal house in premises of college campus houses animals in separate animal house building according to CPCSEA guidelines. It is a well ventilated animal house with procedure room, store room and animal receiving room with 24 hour water supply.


Teaching facilities are available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate Course in Modern Pharmacology Students.


| It includes regular lectures, practicals with AV aids for all students.

| Practicals are also conducted for all students with the help of AV aids, instruments, specimens, charts, diagrams, graphs etc.

| Internal Exams are conducted regularly to know the skill and progress of all the students.


| It includes animal experiments, animal house maintenance and management for Post graduate students.

| Regular PG activities like seminars, journals, paper and poster presentations, thesis presentations etc are held to improve knowledge, presentation skills and communication skills of post graduate students.

| Special teaching training including practical conduction with undergraduate exam management, is given to Post Graduate students for their academic progress.


| It includes regular lectures, practicals with AV aids for all students.

| Regular lectures with AV aids are conducted for Certificate Course in Modern Pharmacology Students.

| Practicals are also conducted for all students with the help of AV aids, instruments, specimens, charts, diagrams, graphs etc.


| Teaching staff and PG students actively participate in National and international level conferences, seminars, and present research papers and posters every year.

| Department successfully organized workshop on “Good Clinical Practice” in September 2017.


Following Postgraduate students successfully achieved   their desired post in their careers.

Sr. No. Student’s name Currently posted at Designation Joined since
1) Dr. Menkudale Vaijesh Tribal Forest project officer Tribal Forest project officer 2015
2) Dr.Satyajeet Funde MIT Talegaon Assistant professor 2015
3) Dr. Vishal Ubale GMC, Nagpur Assistant professor 2016
4) Dr.Pranit Sonone Macleod Russel Medical Advisor 2016
5) Dr. Gosavi Poonam GMC, Nagpur Assistant professor 2018
6) Dr. Parekar Sonal GMC, Latur Assistant professor 2018
7) Dr. Patil Minal Roche Regional Medical Advisor 2017
8) Dr.Aruna Gurung V.M.M.C Solapur Assistant professor 2017
9) Dr.Rajvardhan Solunke Pune Medical Officer 2017
10) Dr. Sonawane Dipti GMC, Latur Assistant professor 2018


A) 2013:

1) IJBCP, Research article,  Effect of Lagenaria siceraria fruit extract (Bottle gourd) on hepatotoxicvity induced by antitubercular drugs  in albino rats; S.K. Funde, J.B.Jaju, S.C.Dharmadhikari,G.R. Pawar.

2) IJBCP, Case report, Timely use of antisnake venom improve wsmaternal and fetal outcome, a case report; S.M. Parekar, J.B.Jaju, S.C.Dharmadhikari G.R. Pawar, V. M. Ubale, P. A. Gosavi.

B) 2014:

1) IJBCP, Research article, A study on the clinic-epidemiological profile and the outcome of snake bite cases in the tertiary care hospital.Punam A Gosavi,Jugalkishore B.Jaju, Ganesh R. Pawar, Shrikant C. Dharmadhikari, Vishal M.Ubale,Sonal M. Parekar.

C) 2015:

1)IJBCP ,Research article, Study of evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of macrolide antibiotics in rats-an experimental study. Punam A. Gosavi, Jugalkishor B.Jaju,Vishal M.Ubale,Ganesh R. Pawar,Shrikant C. Dharmadhikari.

2) IJBCP,Research article, Evaluation of antidepressant activity of tramadol in mice: An experimental study.Vishal M. Ubale,Jugalkishore B.Jaju,Punam A. Gosavi,Ganesh R. Pawar,Shrikant C.Dharmadhikari,Sonal M Parekar.

D) 2016:

1) IJMSPH,Rsearch article,Study of clinicoepidemiological profile,drug utilization pattern and outcome of swineflu cases: A  recent epidemic in Latur.

Aruna Gurung,Jugalkishore Bhavarlal Jaju,Shrikant Chandrakant Dharmadhikari,Ganesh Ramkrishna Pawar,Rajvardhan Rameshrao Solunke.

2) Poster presentation at ISRPTCON Chandigarh.

A study to assess knowledge, attitude and practice regarding swineflu vaccine amongst medical students; Rajvardhan solunkhe, S.C. Dharmadhikari, JBJaju,Ganesh Pawar,Aruna Garg.

Case report, Carbamazepine induced  toxic epidermal necrolysis in a patient of seizure disorder; Aruna Gurang, J.B. Jaju, Rajvardhan Salunkhe,, G.R. Pawar, S. C. Dharmadhikari, V.M. Ubale.

3) IJBCP, Research article Evaluation of antidepressant activity of ondansetron alone and in combination with fluoxetine-an experimental study.

Sonal M Parekar, Shrikant C. Dharmadhikari, Jugalkishore B.Jaju, Ganesh R. Pawar, Rajwardhan Solunke.

E) 2017:

IJBCP, Rsearch article.Study of drug utilization pattern and adverse drug  reactions of psychotropic drugs in psychiatric inpatient department of a tertiary care hospital.

Aruna Gurung, Jugalkishore B.Jaju, Ganesh R. Pawar, Shrikant C. Dharmadhikari, ,Rajvardhan R. Solunke.

Completed projects

1) Evaluation of Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory activity of Cetirizine in Albino rats.

2) Study Of Anti Inflammatory And Wound Healing Activity of Rifampicin And Isoniazid In Wistar Rats.

F) 2018:

1) JMSCR, Rsearch article.Pharmacovigilance Study of Antiretroviral Drugs in Tertiary Care Hospital- A Prospective Study.Dr Rajvardhan Rameshrao Solunke, Dr S. C. Dharmadhikari, Dr J.B.Jaju,Dr Sonal Parekar, Dr Aruna Gurung.


1) Study of antidepressant and anti-anxiety activity of celecoxib in albino mice.

2) Study of antibiotic prescription and resistance pattern in cases of cesarean delivery at tertiary care hospital.

3) Comparative evaluation of analgesic activity of fluoxetine,duloxetine and  Venlafaxine in rats.