Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Shakira. V. Savaskar HOD & Professor
2 Dr. Girish .Maindarkar Associate Professor
3 Dr. Prabha. W. More Asst. Professor
4 Dr. Shivprasad. K. Mundada Asst. Professor
5 Dr. Kiran Bhaisare Medical officer
6 Dr. Mahendra. Y.Parihar Junior resident III
7 Dr.Puja Mehkarkar Junior Resident III
8 Dr. Sonal.F Gajbhiye Junior Resident II
9 Dr. Rupali.B.Jadhav Junior Resident II
10 Dr. Pavan. H. Jadhav Junior Resident II
11 Dr. Balaji Mane Junior Resident I
12 Dr. Akshay Deshpande Junior Resident I
13 Dr. Rahul Nagane Junior Resident I

– Postgraduate courses started from 2010 with capacity of 2 degree & 1 diploma seat every year

– Last year 1st  diploma candidate passed with 60% in university exams.

– Posters: in 2011 3 posters presented in National conference as

1) Congenital A V Malformation A rare case Dr.mahendraparihar.
2) Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Dr.Pujamehkarkar.
3) Rickettsial rash A  classic case Dr.Gajananpurohit.

– In 2012 two of our residents received prizes in National conference held at VIMS Ahmednagar for following presentation.

– Case paper:Causes of Neonatal morbidity & mortality in marathwadaMaharasthra Dr.MahendraParihar -1st prize.

– Poster: NaevusUnicusLateralis Dr.PujaMehkarkar 2nd prize.


Various conferences were attended by faculty members.Details as below

Sr.No. Year Conference Detail  
1 2010 MAHAPEDICON – Dr.P.W.More.

– Dr.P.Mehkarkar.

2 2011 Neuropedicon Quiz organized at G.M.C.Latur  
3 2011 PALS -Dr.Puja


4   Facility Based Newborn Care (FBNC) 3 months training programme conducted for taining of Nursing staff in Neonatal care from districts around Latur Area.

Chief Co ordinater: Dr.Shivprasad Mundada.


– Dr.Maheshchandra  Mane.



5 2011 MAHAPEDICON organised at Nashik -Dr.S.V.Savaskar





6 2012 NNF Quiz-Organised at sangali for regional round was attended & won 2nd Prize by -Dr.Mahendra


7   Also Ventilation Workshop at Aurangabad was attended by above 2 residents  
8   PALS – Dr.Mahendra
9   VIMS PADIA Ahmednagar  
10   MNCI Workshop – Dr.S.V.Savaskar.
– Dr.KiranBhaisare.
11   IAP NEOCON Hydrabad – Dr.Mahendra

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