Services Provided

OPD Services a) Diagnostic Services • Slit lamp Examination
• Tonometry
• Gonioscopy
• Perimetry
• Auto refractrometry
• Ophthalmoscopy
• Retinoscopy
• A Scan
• Keratometry
• USG B Scan
b) Therapeutic Services • ND YAG Laser
• Laser PI
• Forgein Body removal
• Ocular Trauma And  Various Ocular Diseases Management
Surgical Service • Cataract Surgery (SICS,PHACOEMULSIFICATION)
• Glaucoma Surgery
• Squint Surgery
• Ptosis Correction Surgery
• Keratoplasty
• Lid Surgery
• Pterygium Surgery
• Evisceration
• Enucleation
• DCT & DCR Surgery
• Chalizion Treatment
Indoor Beds 30
OPD Patients  per Day 150
IPD New Admission per Day 10

List of equipments in the Dept

√ Phaco machine
√ Slit lamp
√ Chair unit
√ Perimeter
√ ND Yag Laser
√ Schiotz Tonometer
√ Applanation Tonometr
√ Autorefractrometer
√ Operating Microscope
√ Operating Table Motorized
√ Vision Drum
√ Trial Set Box
√ Direct Ophthalmoscope
√ Indirect Ophthalmoscope
√ Keratometer
√ A Scan
√ Cataract Set
√ Glaucoma Set
√ Keratoplasty Set
√ Evisceration Set
√ Squint Set
√ Chalizion Set
√ Enucleation Set

preparing time tables Academic Section
Apart from being these services , we are also involved with the Academic activities. The Academic Section deals with the smooth functioning of the teaching activities conducted by the                                              Department which includes

  • • Lectures, tutorials &  practical’s
    •              Examinations
    •              Internal Assessments
    •              Organization of Seminars
    •              Feedback from students on regular basis

Research -(Papers)

Sr.No. Title of Presentation Author Place of Presentation Year & Details
1 Small Incision Cataract Surgery with Horizontal Division of Nucleus with nucleus dividing forecep Dr. Dole N.B Parbhani MAROPCON 2008
2 Small Incision Cataract Surgery with Modified trabeculectomy Dr. Dole N.B. Aurangabad MAROPCON 2010
3 Use of Autologus Blood as a glue for conjunctival opposition in various ocular surgeries Dr. Dole N.B. Nanded MAROPCON 2012
4 Use of Autologus Blood as a glue for conjunctival opposition in various ocular surgeries Dr. Dole N.B. Pune POS,2012
5 “ Sturge- Weber Syndrome: Case report with Ophthalmic Manifestations.” Dr.Thikekar Mahesh D. Nagpur MOSCON 2013


Sr.No. Title of Publication Author Journal Year & Details
1 Ocular Manifestation in HIV positive patients Dr. Mohite U.S. Journal of Medical Sciences And Research 2011
2 “Sturge- Weber Syndrome: Case report with Ophthalmic Manifestations.” Dr.U.S. Mohite,
Dr.Mahesh Thikekar,
Dr. K.R.Jadhav
International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology 2013


Sr.No. Name Designation Degree Date of Birth Email Mobile/Tel No.
1 Vacant (1) Professor
2 Vacant(1) Associate Professor
3 Dr. Mohite U.S Assistt.Prof MS Ophthalmology 22/9/1971 udaymohitepatil@gmail.com 9422468425
4 Dr. Dole N.B. Assistt.Prof MS Ophthalmology 1/5/1977 drnandakumardole@gmail.com 9850056647

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