List of approved Teacher with Designation

Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Designation Date of joining
1 Dr. S. M. Mangalkar Prof. & Head 3/5/2008
2 Dr. N. M. Suryawanshi Asso. Prof 1/4/2016
3 Dr. V. V. Chincholkar Asso. Prof 8/6/2015
4 Mr. V. R. Guttikar Asst. Prof 18/7/2014
5 Dr. B. S. Puri Asst. Prof 29/3/2016
6 Dr. V. T. Kalshetti Asst. Prof 22/6/2018

List of Resident Doctors with Designation

Sr. No. Name Designation Date of joining
1 Dr. T. H. Mande Junior Resident 26/3/2018
2 Dr. M. R. Gajbhiye Junior Resident 30/5/2016
3 Dr. S. S. Rathi Junior Resident 7/5/2016

Non-teaching Staff

Sr. No Name Designation
1 B. D. Ingole Technician
2 V. G. Kamble Technician
3 H. D. Anwane Technical  Assistant
4 N. S. Parde Technical  Assistant
5 Shabana A. Gini Technical  Assistant
6 M. Y. Rajure Technical  Assistant
7 N. G. Ashture Technical  Assistant
8 N. V. Kale Laboratory Attendant
9 Shaikh Azaroddin Laboratory Attendant

Teaching Facilities available in the Department of Microbiology for Undergraduates and Postgraduates

  1. Teaching facilities with Audio-Visual aids.
  2. Microbiology practical hall with 75 student capacity with binocular microscopes for each student
  3. Museum with more than 100 models and catalogues
  4. Departmental Library with more than 100 books and journals
  5. Seminar Hall – equipped with Audio-Visual aids
  6. Service laboratories such as – Bacteriology, Serology, Mycology, Parasitology, Tuberculosis, Virology and Immunology.
  7. ICTC and CD4 facilities
  8. Research Laboratory with BOD incubator, Binocular microscope, Refrigerated centrifuge, Fluorescent Microscope, Deep Fridge, CO2 incubator


Ongoing Research Project in the Department:

Sr. No. Name of the Guide Name of the Student Topic
1 Dr. S.M. Mangalkar Dr. Shital  Rathi Isolation, characterization & antimicrobial profile of Acinetobacter   spp. in all Clinical samples at tertiary care centre.
2 Dr. V. V. Chincholkar Dr. Mayuri  Gajbhiye Speciation & antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Enterococus spp. from various clinical specimens in tertiary care centre
3 In collaboration with Skin department In collaboration with Skin department Efficacy of Q switched Nd-Yag Laser in Onychomycosis

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Courses run in the department

Sr.No. Year of starting Degree Diploma Intake Capacity
1 2007 PG DMLT 20
2 2010 MD Microbiology 2
3 2010 BPMT   15


Sr.No. Year of starting Degree
Investigations per year 2011 2012
  34570 39930

Services Provided

Sr.No. Name of Service Details
1 BACTERIOLOGY LABORATORY ▸ Routine laboratory services – bacterial culture & sensitivity on pus, blood, urine, sputum, stool, body fluids, CSF
▸ Emergency services – Microscopy & bacterial culture of specimens received for emergency testing
2 PARASITOLOGY LABORATORY ▸ Saline & Iodine mount of stool samples
▸ Modified Z-N staining for parasites
▸ Fluorescent Microscopy
▸ India Ink Preparation
▸ Culture of Cryptococci
▸ RA
▸ HBsAg
6 ICTC ▸ HIV antibody testing of Indoor patients
▸ Referrals for NGO’s, CBO, ART Centre, RNTCP, PPTCT, DIC of HIV sero-positive patients as per need
▸ CD4 testing of HIV sero-positive patients via ART Center
▸ Operation Theatre Surveillance
▸ Hospital Infection Policy Formulation
▸ Outbreak Investigation
▸ Regular HIC & BMW Sensitization Workshops
8 ACADEMIC SECTION Apart from being a Diagnostic laboratory, we are also involved with the Academic activities. The Academic Section deals with the smooth functioning of the teaching activities conducted by the Department which includes

▸ preparing time tables
▸ Lectures, tutorials &  practicals
▸ Examinations
▸ Internal Assessments
▸ Organization of Seminars
▸ Feedback from students on regular basis

Publications/Research/ Conf.Workshop/Seminar (last 3 years)

Sr.No. Title Of Presentation Author Place of Presentation Year & Details
1 Study of pattern and trends of tuberculosis cases attending GMCH, Latur Dinesh Gadekar,  Mangalkar SM TNMC, MUMBAI State conference, 2012
2 Study of opportunistic infections in HIV seropositive patients in tertiary care hospital, Latur Dr.Virendra Kolhe,  Mangalkar SM TNMC, MUMBAI State conference, 2012
3 Effect of antiretroviral therapy on CD4 lymphocyte count in HIV patients- a study in tertiary care government hospital Dr.Anjum Ansari,  Mangalkar SM TNMC, MUMBAI State conference, 2012
4 Bacteriological and antimicrobial profile of wound infection in tertiary care hospital Dr.Sarika Walke,  Mangalkar SM TNMC, MUMBAI State conference, 2012
5 Mycological profile of discharging ears in chronic suppurative otitis media Dr. Chetana I. Wahane India Habitat Centre, Delhi.  (Lady Hardinge Medical College) 2012, Microcon (National Conference)
Sr.No. Title Of Publication Author Journal Year & Details
1 Determination of baseline titre for CD4 cell count in normal healthy individuals and HIV  infected patients of Latur region Chetana Bora,  Mangalkar SM ICMR Publication 2010

List of equipments in the Dept.

▸ Anaerobic apparatus
▸ Autoclave
▸ Autoclave
▸ Binocular microscope
▸ BOD incubator
▸ Chemical balance
▸ Centrifuge
▸ Co2 incubator
▸ Colony counter
▸ Deep fridge
▸ Electrophoresis
▸ Elisa reader and dispenser
▸ Elect balance
▸ Inoculation hood
▸ Inspissator
▸ Incubator
▸ Lovibond pH
▸ Monocular microscope
Mini API
▸ Slide projector
▸ OHP projector
▸ Trinocular microscope
▸ Hot air oven
▸ Refrigerator
▸ Thermocycler & UV lamp
▸ Laminar air flow
Bact Alert 3 D

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