Department of Biochemistry

List of Teaching Staff. of Biochemistry

S.No Name Designation Date of Joining  
01 Dr. Nirmala Radhakrishansing Hazari Associate Professor 16/07/2018  
02 Dr. Kavindra Kishanrao Borgaonkar Associate Professor 19/06/04  
03 Mr. Vinayak Vaijanth                Aghav Assistant professor 21/06/2002  
04 Dr.  Shweta Vijay Katkar Assistant professor 21/11/2014  
05 Tutor 04 Post  

List of Nonteaching Staff.

S.No Name Designation  
01 Mr. S. C Mahajan Lab. Technician  
02 Mr. T.T Bade Lab. Technician  
03 Mr. M. L Jadhav Lab. Technician  
04 Mr. S. V Fulmali Lab. Assistant  
05 Mr. S. V Salunke Lab. Assistant  
06 Mr. L. G Kumbhar Lab. Assistant  
07 Mr. B. V Dhekane Lab. Assistant  
08 Mr. K. R Kulkarni Lab. Assistant  
09 Mr. H. S Bashid Lab. Assistant  
10 Mr. S. P Patil Lab. Assistant  
11 Mr. P. J Bagre Lab. Assistant  

Conference / CME/Workshop Organized by Department

Sr. No Name of Event Dates Organized by
01 State level ACBI CME – “Nutrition in Health and Diseases” with the eminent spekers from National Institute of Hydrabad. 29th    JAN  2006 Dept of Biochemistry, GMC & MIMSR, Medical College, Latur.
02 Maharashtra Chapter Conference of ACBI 30th – 31 Jan 2006 Dept of Biochemistry, GMC & MIMSR, Medical College, Latur.

Department of Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Investigation
Blood Glucose
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Serum Total Protein
Serum total Albumin
Serum Globulin
Serum Total Bilirubin ( Direct & Indirect )
Serum Cholesterol
Serum Triglycerides
Serum LDL Cholesterol
Serum HDL Cholesterol
Alkaline Phosphatase.
Other Fluid Protein
Electrolytes : Sodium, Potassium, Chloride

List of Instruments in Biochemistry Central Clinical Laboratory

Sr. No Name of Instruments
1 Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer Model-ERBA XL -300 (with Computer  Unite)
2 Fully Automated  Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Erba Model  EM-360 (with Computer Unite & UPS )
3 Biochemistry Semi Auto Analyzer (CHEM-5 Plus)   EC5V2 (10 k)
5 Centrifuge Machine (16 tube )
6 Freeze Refrigerator     Capacity – 280 lit.            
7 Deep Freezer   (Horizantal )    Capcity- 500 Lit.
8 Digital Colorimeter
9 Single Glass Distilation Appritores Horizental   4 Lit/hr
10 Single Glass Distillation Appratus Vertical  type  3 Lit/hr
11 Incubator Electric  with Thermostat – 02 Nos
12 Centrifuge Machine  ( 08 tubes) 03 Nos.

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